Reviews of our competitions

We work hard here at Competition Towers to bring you great prizes and regular competitions, and it's always nice to get positive feedback, so we thought we'd share some of it with you. Thanks for the feedback - keep it coming! 

A brilliant site full of great prizes and so easy to enter. I have won 2 prizes now a Big Ben 3D Jigsaw which was Fab and now a Soup Maker which is perfect for Winter months and looking forward to using it. Easy to enter just click to win as it says, give it a go! - Sally, October 2019

I won VIP tickets to Zippo’s Circus end August! Fantastic prize of 4 ringside seats & some freebies (cotton candy & popcorn). It was a great show and pleased both adults & children. Thanks to Georgina and the team & Zippo’s for prompt and friendly help for claiming the prize. My first win here & hope for more. Good luck everyone - Nathalie, October 2019

Love this site! I am relatively new to the site. I liked that it was free to enter and it had lots of good prizes, and I read about its Lucky Stars competition that rewarded regular users so it wasn't hard to pick enough competitions to enter to make me eligible for the Lucky Stars prize. As with these things you don't really ever expect to win but I couldn't believe it when I checked my account last week and it said I had won the Lucky Stars competition! Claimed my prize and Georgina was lovely in arranging my winnings which arrived with me the next day. I've never won anything before and was totally over the moon. Would recommend to anyone to give this site a go! - Charlotte, October 2019

I joined not thinking I would ever win ,but today I did! A personalized dog bowl , I haven't got a dog but I'm sure my son's pooch will make good use of it ..A good site with plenty of prizes on offer - Richard, October 2019

Always did have doubts about online competitions however I've managed to win on here and it's such an easy process definitely recommend - Hayley, October 2019

Love this site as it's so easy to enter the competitions and there are lots of prizes on offer. Received my gift card quickly, now I'm looking forward to spending it - Nicola, October 2019

Fantastic, I won a brilliant Lego prize. My Grandkids will love it. Just in time for Christmas!!! A free competition, with some amazing prizes. What’s not to like. Go on, give it a go. So easy to enter - Annie, September 2019

Free entry, after a few months won a prize. Had an email to notify me, gave my address, prize arrived a couple of days later. Great stuff - SN, September 2019

Great site, easy to enter and I have just been informed I have won a Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier so really happy - Yvonne, September 2019

I recently won a dining set and it came super quickly. All communication was top notch and I'm definitely making more of an effort to enter now! Thanks all - Emma, September 2019

Worth a shot! I wasn't 100% sure about this, being wary about most thing internet based, but this is the real deal! excellent prizes! and I actually won something too!! (an electric self inflating blow up mattress) - very quick delivery too! I recommend a go...or three! - Paul, September 2019

Brilliant competitions and great prizes, fun to play and easy to do, just won a lovely coffee machine so am well chuffed - Libbie, September 2019

Thank you so much for my Mark's and Spencer gift voucher it made my day i never win anything and to receive a email to say i was a winner meant so much I will enjoy spending it thanks to all the team for making my day extra special - Janet, September 2019

Absolutely brilliant site. Been on the site since may and the prizes are really great but the best thing is that they are all free to enter. Customer service are quick to respond and very nice. Would recommend to everyone - Claire, August 2019

I think it is easy to deal with them, the prizes are real and they are lovely when it is about customer service! Thanks! - Elisangela, August 2019

Great website with an ever changing selection of fun prizes. This is the second time I have won. Always lovely to get a nice surprise treat out of the blue - Christina, August 2019

Enjoy entering competitions it is great fun and easy to do. Would recommend this to all my family and friends. I am so happy I have won a competition. Give this full stars. Highly recommended thank you again - Craig, August 2019

I won a Broderick Brothers hamper and received it within a couple of days of claiming it. Best site ever!. Persistence pays off. Keep entering the competitions and one day it could be you! - Androulla, August 2019

I am so excited to take the family to Druscillas. Thank you - Jean, August 2019

Won 5 suprise series 2 toys saving them for stocking fillers I always take 5 mins out of my day to do these free competitions never expecting to win so was a lovely supprise to actually win something am so very grateful Thanks so much - Janet, July 2019

I won an icon speaker communication with them was great. Got my prize within 2 weeks. Very happy with it and enter and check daily. Highly recommend - Catherine, July 2019

Hurrah I won my first prize, really delighted. They have great prizes on offer and it always gets me interested in new products too - Lauren, July 2019

Thank you so much, I received my family ticket for 4 people to Drusillas Park and cannot wait to take my children. I never win anything so I’m so pleased I finally did - Mummy M, July 2019

Wow! I've only been entering the comps since September last year, and admittedly not everyday as life gets in the way! I won £20 Argos voucher, I pressed the claim button and within 12hours the e-gift cards arrived via email..... Thankyou ever so much. It's quick, easy & free too so I will definitely continue entering - Catherine, July 2019

Just won £100 after joining just a few months ago, I had to admit I was a bit sceptical, but I've been informed about it through two different routes and found myself on winning page. Claiming was easy and within a few hours I had e-mails from Georgina and the funds were in my Paypal account! - Inga, July 2019

Just recd my prize - Hydro kit by Laverna Its very good quality creams etc They are also natural and organic products very nice Recd within 3 days Thanks - Brenda, June 2019

Easy to enter competitions for free, I have won so you can too!! - Theresa, June 2019

Many thanks for my second win. I feel so lucky! Treated my husband to a new watch, he was well pleased. Brilliant site & although I don't use Facebook or Twitter I do recommend you to as many people as I can. Keep up the good work - Rowena, May 2019

I was stunned and unusually speechless! Yes I WON! Claiming was easy, delivery really happened and the whole experience was super smooth. Absolutely delighted. You guys are the boss. Many many many many thanks - Judi, May 2019

Excellent site I won a year worth of liquorice by applying once every day got to be in to win give it a go - Ellen, May 2019

So thrilled to have won the Tropical paradise mug set. What a treat! Perfect to enjoy a cuppa with family or friends. It is so beautiful. Can't believe I won and the prize was sent quite fast - Leila, May 2019

This is a fantastic website where you can win from a selection of brilliant prizes. And it costs absolutely nothing. I recently won a car dash cam from this website. Easy to register, no personally identifying information is required from you (except when you win you'll need to tell them where to post the prize to, obviously). Great variety of possible prizes ranging from gadgets, kids toys, accessories, gift cards and even food (the best prizes in my opinion. Get in my belly!!), and so forth. Absolutely free to register and enter. All it costs is a few minutes of your time each day. No surveys to fill in, unlike a vast majority of other "competition" websites. A helpful customer support team via email. Quick and smooth delivery of the prize via MyHermes. - Means no stroppy Royal Mail postmen randomly going on strike and "losing" your package. I'd recommend the website to anybody who likes to enter competitions and can spare about five to ten minutes a day to enter them - Scott, May 2019

To my surprise I won a CouchCoaster! So simple to enter, just a couple of clicks and you're in for a chance to win. Just had to send my address and a few days later, I'm a proud owner of a CouchCoaster. Perfect for my ice cold drink to sit in. Lots of items to choose from to try and win. Enter one, enter them all, it's up to you. Enter every day for a greater chance to win. Awesome for a free competition. Thank you! - Richard, May 2019

Just won £100 after joining in February, but was both stunned and a bit sceptical, not thinking it was real. Claiming was easy and within 6 hours I had e-mails from Georgina and the funds were in my Paypal account. This will be going towards a break away for my 10th wedding anniversary, and I would recommend anyone to try their luck...thanks again - Lindsay, April 2019

The daily draws are fun to enter, and I won a £10 gift card after checking the website for a few months. It was easy to claim my prize and I received the voucher the next day. I spent it on acrylic pens for the craft projects I do with my son - Voilet, April 2019

I won an AICOK kettle worth £50. I didn't think I would ever win anything so I was surprised when I was notified by email. I received the item 4days later. Really pleased with it as it matches my kitchen. Looks very stylish - Louise, April 2019

I won the Lucky 7s prize draw after only being a member for a couple of months. My prize was a Kenwood mixer and some Joseph Joseph accessories. Entering is so easy with only a click of a button. Claiming if you win is just as easy. I heard from Georgina on a Monday that I had won and received my prize 5 days later. It sounds too good to be true - a website that offers free competitions - but I can vouch that it's totally legit. If you aren't a member yet, don't hesitate and register - Dawn, April 2019

I recently won some Moj Moj toys which my daughter loves. Entering is easy, claiming prizes too, and Georgina who contacted me was lovely, especially when the prize didn't arrive in the time stated, she contacted the provider and it arrived the next day - Kathryn, March 2019

The card has arrived. Delighted with my win. Will put it towards buy a new tablet - Kyla, March 2019

So surprised that I won. Lifted my spirits and an amazing start to the week. Got an email and the funds were transferred. Brilliant - Angela, March 2019

I am a great believer in ‘if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is’ but I'm now seriously doubt that conviction! I have won two prizes in the last six months. If you get an email from Georgina then it is good news!  Thank you for giving us all a bit of hope in return for about 5 minutes a day clicking! - Andy, March 2019

How brilliant - having not won anything for over 4 years I won a £50 B&Q voucher on here. It is so easy to enter the competitions on the site. How fantastic to receive an email from Georgina advising me that I had won. I had experienced an awful week and the email really lifted my spirits and reinforced my determination to win even more prizes (hopefully) during 2019 - Tracey, March 2019

Wow! So excited to have won a £10 evoucher. Notified of my win and easy to claim. Chose an Amazon card and used straight away!! Thank you so much - Sharon, March 2019

Yes iWon, iWon! I actually did after years of trying, I won an Incredibles Jack Jack toy. After claiming my win on the site I was contacted within a day or so by Georgina who was very polite and nice to deal with. The prize was shipped out quickly and I was kept informed. Thank you again for the nice little win - Anthony, March 2019

Yesterday I had just done the comps and then went into the winners, I found that I had won a TOMY Puzzle Wars. For all of you that think you will never win keep trying it does happen. Thank you so much. Had an e-mail from Georgia today and will have my prize soon - Avis, March 2019

Just won a gift card absolutely thrilled, this was in my account the same day, brilliant site well impressed - Lynn, March 2019

I won my first prize today after being sceptical about the whole thing so yes it works! Here’s to winning some moreLinda, February 2019

Since joining I have won twice. First of all it was a pestle and mortar which takes pride of place in the kitchen. Recently, I have won a Pooch and Mutt wet food bundle, which my dog is very happy about, as he is fussy, but really enjoys the fish one - Jane, February 2019

Easily the best competition site around and is absolutely, totally free too. Simply click every day on the prize that you would like to win (there's loads of to choose from) and, if you're lucky, your name might be picked at random to win that prize - as mine was yesterday when I won a £25 One4all gift card! - Lorraine, February 2019

Advised of the win on Monday, received item on Thursday - fantastic service. Just proves - if your in it, you may win it, as this is my second win on this brilliant site. Keep up the good work guys - you are doing superb job - Richard, February 2019

I have won the window bird feeder i am very happy that i have won i hope to win again soon - Mark, February 2019

Great site. Free competition entry unlike some other websites. I won a prize over Christmas and was contacted promptly. Would definitely recommend - Amerjit, January 2019

A great site, so easy to use, and free, with a great selection of prizes. I won just months after joining, and am very happy with my prize - A GBBO calendar for 2019, which I am enjoying using. Georgina was great at contacting me & very quick to respond to further emails, she was polite, friendly & helpful - Penny, January 2019

Very happy with the quick, polite and helpful replies I received. The claims process was extremely easy to complete and my prize was delivered very quickly - Richard, January 2019

Absolutely fantastic! Cannot fault them at all. The claims process was extremely easy. There was Excellent communication via email regarding my prize and my prize turned up very quickly. I shall continue to use these sites and also recommending them to friends - Emma, January 2019

Have been using this site for a few months, and have already won! Great site and easy to use - Darren, January 2019

Great site, signed up a couple of months ago, really easy to use and already won Zuru Smashums. Claiming prize is really easy and mine was extremely quick (received the following day!!). Highly recommend - Debbie, January 2019

"Thank you" for the prize. It arrived sooner than expected and I have now replaced my older kettle with the new one. It works wonderfully, boiling the water very quickly thereby saving money and time. Thank you again. Christopher, January 2019

Fantastic site with lots of competitions to enter with a wide variety of prizes. It is so easy to enter the competitions and you can then just forget about them until if like me you get notified by email yesterday on New Years Eve that you have won the Pure Siesta Alarm Clock Radio which I should receive early 2019 - Peter, January 2019

I was lucky enough to win a Simplee Aloe bundle, which arrived on Christmas Eve. Such a pleasure to win and receive a prize within just a few days! - Rosemary, December 2019

Thank you for the £100 Amazon voucher, it was a brilliant unexpected gift for Christmas. Would recommend the website to everyone, you just have to keep entering - Jackie, December 2018

Would highly recommend this company to anyone! It’s easy to use and easy to enter into the competitions. I won this morning and received an email from Georgina who was very friendly and quick at responding. Thank you - Holly, December 2018

Fantastic website to win competitions, mega speedy with responses - Stephanie, December 2018

Only signed up and started entering competitions on this site 6 weeks before I won a lovely flower basket. Really impressed. Have entered numerous competitions on other sites for longer periods of time without winning anything. My prize was with me the very next day after they contacted me to tell me I had won. All competitions free to enter. Would thoroughly recommend it - Catherine, December 2018

Still cannot believe I won. This little kitty will be going away ready for Christmas. Thank you again - Claire, November 2018

I won a Count with Peppa Pig toy which will make a fab Christmas present. Thanks very much - Gillian, November 2018

Thank you for the £25 Sainsbury's voucher, a very quick response to sending the prize and also in replying to the e mails, many thanks again, it is not often that I win anything, so it is much appreciated - Robert, November 2018

I don't remember ever winning a prize before but I won one within weeks of using this site! - Liam, November 2018

I won a Wright's baking bundle.the is in team were amazing.instantly replied to messages and had my prize within a week - Tamara, November 2018

I won the his and hers ibeani ipad stands. They are excellent and were quickly delivered. The competition site is easy to use and it comes as a lovely surprise if you win a prize - Gillian, November 2018

I won an M & S gift card. It was in my inbox within less than an hour in the form of an ecard and ready to spend. If all companies worked like this, we wouldn't have the need for a complaints department. Keep up the fantastic work guys, well done - Catherine, November 2018

I won a prize on here, some putty/slime toys. I was really pleased, they emailed me to get my details and I got the prize in the post by the end of the week. Very generous prize as well, 6 packs of the putty - Mary, October 2018

Won a great Smashers toy that my grandson loved. First time I have won anything only been on the site for about 6 months. Georgina was lovely and so nice when she emailed me to tell me that I won. Will carry on with the competitions. Great site. - Sandie, October 2018

Fantastic, easy to use competition site. Good thing is I don't get any unwanted emails etc... - Katy, October 2018

I won a prize! Was very easy to claim and team are very helpful and responsive to your emails/messages, would recommend joining this site! - Cherrelle, October 2018

I recently won my first prize which arrived quickly. Everything was laid out very easily, to be able to claim the prize. All together excellent and i would recommend - Jo, October 2018

I received a message to say I won a prize on Monday night and I received my prize today (Friday) Nella, The Princess Knight .
It’s easy to enter and good prizes on offer
- Linda, October 2018

I've won twice since joining the site earlier this year! We've enjoyed a Pizza Hut voucher and an Argos gift card which will help with Christmas shopping. Great prizes and brilliant that you can keep on winning. I'd highly recommend the site - Rachel, October 2018

Just received my winnings. Super happy. Have never won anything before and this was so easy to claim. No hassle at all. Thank you - Emma, October 2018

Fantastic site! Received my prize today of a Crazy Jack health snack bundle! Delighted with this! thank you so much xx - Angela, October 2018

I can't think of a single reason not to use this site, all it takes is as long as you want to spend clicking on things you might want to win. I am confident they keep email addresses secure as I have not received increased spam since I signed up & I have just won a prize so win win iwon iwon! - Andrea, October 2018

This is a great site. Easy to enter, a good section of prizes. Also really quick and simple to claim your prize. 5 stars! - Jodie, October 2018

This is brilliant! Chances to win a whole host of different prizes - from £10 vouchers up to over £250 worth of gifts/excursions etc. Enter daily, at absolutely no cost, for excitement and anticipation. Thoroughly recommended - even I won a prize worth £30! But Im not stopping, 'cos theres no limit to how many times you can win! - Brenda, September 2018

Today I finally won the 24hr draw for a £10 Wagamama gift card! I claimed via the notification on the "my account" page and the gift card was received by email within a couple of hours. So for anyone doubting that the prizes are real, I can confirm that they are, and that the site admins process the claims very quickly and efficiently! - Paul, September 2018

I was really surprised and chuffed to win an Amazon voucher, brilliant competitions - Justine, September 2018

I didn't expect to win anything but out of the blue I got an email to let me know I had won an Amazon Fire Tablet - Mr Mills, September 2018

I won a pair of Slydes!! I could pick any from the web site. They arrived the next day! Fab service and great prize. Thank you very much - Louise, August 2018

I won a beautiful butterfly watch with them came really quickly and they answered messages straight away and they are so friendly highly recommend them. Will keep entering daily - Pam, 2018

A short time ago I was lucky enough to win the solar system coat rack, I received it today and put it up in my daughters house as my 8 year old grandson likes outer space, he was delighted, it is unusual,quirky and very good quality - Derrick, August 2018

I'm so pleased after winning a Limit Watch, it's absolutely beautiful, I can't thank the team enough. I received it this morning and the service from start to finish has been brilliant,thank you again - Louise, August 2018

Won a £10 eVoucher, very fast simple service. Asked for an Amazon voucher, got it by return and didn't even have to put a code in just clicked on it and it was in my account - brilliant! - Peter, July 2018

Such a wide range of prizes, my prize was sent out same day as I claimed it and was delivered super quick. All free entry and able to enter free everyday. Just make sure you check 'my account' to see if you're a winner - Leah, July 2018

This is the best daily competition site, it`s always adding new prizes, I love it - Sue, July 2018

I was lucky enough to win a prize. Was contacted promptly (7/7/18), I confirmed on (8/7/18) and received prize quickly. It was actually delivered to my door on 10/7/18 within 2 days so REALLY good service and I even got to choose which ones I wanted. Great experience. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks ***** - Michele, July 2018

Over the moon to be a winner it made my day. A pair of slydes and got a choice too which ones I would like. I would recommend anyone to enter these free competitions - Julia, July 2018

Easy to enter competitions with an efficient support team on hand if you manage to win a prize :) - Ross, July 2018

Fantastic! I have only been entering the competitions for a couple of months and have won a prize. The gift card code was in my inbox almost instantly - Jo, June 2018

Am made up that I won a Star Wars Jedi robe , it totally made my day - Marie, June 2018

I was lucky enough to win 2 VIP tickets to a Foodie FEstival and just letting you know it was great! The weather helped though (and the England game meant it was less crowded which suited me) but the staff were lovely and very helpful and there was a great Reggae band in the afternoon - sitting sipping rum punch and listening to music in the sun after a brilliant lunch from one of the vendors. What's not to like! Thanks very much - Ann, June 2018

I recently joined this site, and was delighted to win a prize earlier this month, which arrived within a week - great site, easy to use, super prizes - Judy, June 2018

I have been entering the competitions on this site for a while now. I love the fact that the site is very user friendly and you don't need to input a large amount of personal data to enter. There are also some great and unusual prizes on offer. I have yet to win but have heard of other winners. Now I just have to remember to visit everyday! - Vicky, 2018

I was recently picked as a winner. Was contacted quickly and the prize was delivered quickly. Many thanks - Emma, June 2018

Thank you so much for my win, my husband was a bit skeptical until it arrived yesterday, now he is over the moon with the toolbox kit, he said they were a very decent set of tools and he has been able to clear out the tool box and throw out any old ones. I will keep entering the competitions with hope that I will have another win soon. Thank you again - Tracy, June 2018

Great competition site. I entered every day for sometime and was delighted to win a Seed & Bean chocolate hamper. Fingers crossed for another win in the future! - Jenny, May 2018

Thank you I have just won an e-gift card. I was surprised I won as I've never won anything. Love this site I go on every day - Jane, May 2018

I love this site I go on everyday. Haven't won yet but fingers crossed my time will come - Mary, May 2018

Thank you for my prize of a bluetooth speaker, I was so surprised that I had won something so soon after starting the competitions, I still enter every day - Lisa, May 2018

Won an Ernest Jones gift voucher received it the same day I claimed, couldn't believe that firstly I had won something and secondly how quickly the prize was delivered!! Thanks - Ann, April 2018

My Glam Goo prize arrived today, Thankyou! Trustworthy website, extremely responsive to emails and my prize arrived quickly. 5 stars all round - Charlene, April 2018

Thank you for my recent prize. I was lucky enough to win a 24 hour prize of an Argos voucher. I am going to use it as part payment to buy a bird table, so will enjoy my prize every day when I watch the birds feeding. I love entering the comps, they are simple to enter so does not take me long. I am keeping my fingers crossed to win a few more prizes! Thank you once again - Christine, April 2018

Thank you for my prize of a sephia bluetooth speaker, I have used it every day to listen to my series better than the sound from my kindle. I love it - Lisa, April 2018

Great prize received of family ticket to Drusillas Park which my grandchildren will love - Geoff, April 2018

I recently won a family ticket to Diggerland. It came today! Huge thank you. My boys are very happy :-) - Izabela, March 2018

Just wanted to express my thanks for your wonderful competitions; sure, I've never actually won anything, but I have been introduced to many companies along the way, visited their websites and ended up buying stuff - stuff which I never knew existed! Keep up the good work! Cheers - Glynis, Feb 2018

Thanks very much for going the extra to get my prize delivered, shared with my daughter who was delighted with her share of the goodies! - Liz, Feb 2018

Thank you my Spa Day voucher arrived yesterday, I am looking forward to taking my sister with meYvonne, Feb 2018

Just wanted to thank you again for the prize. The speaker arrived very quickly and was easy to set up and use and looks smart tooSally, Feb 2018

Thank you so much for your email and for also hosting such generous giveaways on your page. I am so pleased I have won I couldn’t believe it! I’m truly over the moon, they are beautiful earrings! Thank you so much I am very grateful it has made my month!Philana, Feb 2018

Thank you for my prize of a Cath Kidston bag. I love itChristine, Feb 2018

Won the pizza chopper (motorbike pizza cutter) fast arrival and looks greatNatasha, Feb 2017

Been doing the comps for about a month and I've won a cute Bumble Bee necklace, thank youKerri, Feb 2018

Well done on such an efficient service. I was notified by Georgina that I had won the cooks professional food mixer and it arrived a week later. I am very pleased with this prize and thank youJackie, Feb 2018

I've just won the Thames Rocket prize, really looking forward to it. Thames Rocket have been in touch today just got let them know when I want to book it. Everyone should have ago it's not a con like some think it is -Shirley, Feb 2018

Hi, thanks for the win perfect start to the New Year Claire, Jan 2018

I have just won an iTunes voucher which was sent to me within minutes of me claiming it..... fantastic!! Julie, Jan 2018

Won a Boots gift voucher, claimed on Saturday evening and voucher was in my inbox on Sunday morning. Brilliant service and communication. Thank youSamantha, Jan 2018

Received my prize this morning, so happy with it, thank youDebbie, Dec 2017

Thank you, I never win anything so I'm really pleasedVicki, Dec 2017

Thanks so much again!  I have two boys who are going to be overjoyed with these toys!Katherine, Dec 2017

Thanks very much, I'm so pleased to have won, my son will love it! - Ruth, Dec 2017

Thanks, I won a bundle of Ooshies, they arrived so quick and with some freebies Roselle, Dec 2017

I was lucky enough to win the Christmas Jumper competition, really pleased with the choice and prompt delivery. Thank you guys! Nobby, Dec 2017

I won the wine advent calendar, I won it on Tuesday and it was delivered on Thursday ready for me to open day 1 on Friday ...thank you so much December will be very merry this yearNicky, Dec 2017

I was very lucky to win a £10 amazon voucher in the daily giveaway. Received almost instantly and great communication. Thanks guys – Kellie, Nov 2017

I always enter these and never thought I would win, Got an email 2 weeks ago to say I had won some Betron earphones Sarah, Nov 2017

I won the wine advent calendar, I won it on Tuesday and it was delivered on Thursday ready for me to open day 1 on Friday ...thank you so much December will be very merry this year Nicky, Dec 2017

I always enter these and never thought I would win, Got an email 2 weeks ago to say I had won some Betron earphonesSarah, Nov 2017

I was very lucky to win a £10 amazon voucher in the daily giveaway. Received almost instantly and great communication. Thanks guys – Kellie, Nov 2017

Won a Mad Beauty make up Advent Calendar yesterday, was really surprised. Will keep entering comps to see if I'm lucky again-you never know. Thank You so muchEmma, Nov 2017

I never win anything, but I just won a fabulous digital thermometer. Thank you so much! Anna, Nov 2017

Only been on just over a week and won an Amazon £10 gift card, keep it rollingMavis, Nov 2017

I was so pleased to receive the Fuzzikins Campervan prize that arrived today. it only took a few days. Thank you very muchViv, Nov 2017

I enter some (a lot!) of your daily draws and won a spa day last week! Voucher arrived promptly in the post and I'm very excited. I also won a calendar last month; great prize draws with real results. Thank you!Emily, Nov 2017

I won a Coiledspring Games Bundle which with 7 granddaughters was an excellent win. Thanks very much to all concernedSharon, Oct 2017

Just found out today that I have won the polka dot satchel bag! I was really surprised, didn't expect to win, couldn't believe it when I got the e-mail. Thank you!!!Pat, August 2017

I'm so excited about winning a beautiful watch. The company has been extremely helpful and professional throughout the whole process. Thank you so muchAmanda, August 2017

I won a Men's Limit Watch. Thank you so much. Arrived quickly!Tricia, August 2017

Great I won a Nintendo switch thanks, quick communication fantastic siteRebecca, August 2017

Just won a Debenhams voucher. It's great to get something unexpected like that. I would recommend this site just for the fun!Dave, August 2017

Just had an email to say I have won a Breville Blend Active. Didn't think I would win anything. I'm sure the saying is you have to be in it to win it. Thanks - Tracy, July 2017

I won the Amazon 7 Fire Tablet thank you arrived really quick too Linzi, July 2017

Excellent, you never know when you'll win & it came as a complete surprise to meJackie, July 2017

I was delighted to win a Betron Bluetooth speaker. It arrived in less than a week. Thanks so much! – Angela, July 2017

I have just received the Tyrell Catz bundle I won. I'm sure my niece will be pleased. Thank youAudrey, July 2017

I won a £40 dining out gift card and it was promptly emailed to me. I had only entered the comp a few times so was a great surprise as I didn’t think that i had a high chance of winning. Thank you very muchLaura, July 2017

I entered the competition to win a Champneys Spa gift set and was delighted to hear I'd won. The beautiful gift set was delivered to me really quickly. Thank you so much – Alison, April 2017

I won the £50 Tesco voucher and have just had a very enjoyable shop in Tesco's without having to pay a penny, myself and Blue (my dog) have been well and truly spoilt!! Thank you so much Louise, April 2017

Absolutely love this site. Never thought I would win, but I have!!!!! Mandy, March 2017